About Us

Welcome to Blue Sky Ragdolls! 

My name is Naomi, my husband and I live in the foothills of Columbus, North Carolina. We have 3 adult children, a son-in-law, 2 grandsons, a dog named Sophi and many fluffy Ragdolls!

I grew up on a dairy farm and as a child played with many puppies, kittens, and rabbits. I loved baby animals, and more than once tried to rescue the little orphan birds and rabbits on the farm. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes not! 

Cats were always among my favorites, and when I was introduced to the ragdoll, I totally fell in love with the breed. I'm reminded of the cat we adopted years ago when our own children were small. This cat was white, had a beautiful coat and was gorgeous! Our daughter named this cat Cindy, she lived a long life and was loved by many. At the time Cindy came into our life, I knew nothing about the Ragdoll breed, but have since wondered if she was not indeed part Ragdoll. 

As a ragdoll breeder, I take the health and well being of my cats and kittens very seriously. My goal is to continue to raise beautiful, healthy, quality kittens. With the charming Ragdoll personality, they will bring you much love and snuggles for many years to come.